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GONE Book 01 Bubble (Year 2030)

GONE Book 01 Bubble (Year 2030)

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What is GONE about? 

Rugged reporter, Bjorn Esterday, vanishes in EDGES.
The saga of GONE explains where Bjorn was so many years. Explore his struggles, discoveries, mysteries and fight for freedom as he determines to capture the heart of Sarah Paradise in this wholesome adventure romance classic educational fiction saga.

How do I use GONE series with a group?

Each books focuses on a theme which can be pondered personally or discussed in a group setting.  If you want to host a group either on a video conference call or "in real life" IRL, then the leader may follow the suggestions in Book 26, Conversation Station.  Share activities, discussions and spark conversation about topics raised in each book. 

  • 10 week Quarter: EDGES 
  • 16 week Semester: FIREBRAND
  • 26 week Academic Year: GONE

Who is the audience for GONE? 

This series is for everyday people who may doubt they have what it takes, but will strive for the extraordinary to make the impossible a reality. This is the series for those who make the dreams of today our future tomorrow.

If you are age 15 and older, you will be able to engage in sophisticated conversation.  The vocabulary listed in Book 26, Conversation Station, will clarify which words are from this world and which terms are in the English Language. 

Books in GONE series with the Theme of each book

  • Book 01 Bubble Year 2030 Theme: Misinterpretation
  • Book 02 AromaX 2030 Theme: Leadership
  • Book 03 Brio 2030 Theme: Destiny
  • Book 04 Courtroom 2031 Theme: Opportunity
  • Book 05 Chaos 2030-2031 Theme: Chaos
  • Book 06 Dolphin Express 2031 Theme: Pride
  • Book 07 Rough-N-Ready 2031 Theme: Goals
  • Book 08 The Lab 2031-2032 Theme: Innovation
  • Book 09 Strawberry EarthShake 2032-2033 Theme: Ingenuity
  • Book 10 Narci 2033 Theme: Narcissism
  • Book 11 The Lock 2033-2034 Theme: Importer Impostor Syndrome vs. Creating creating a new identity
  • Book 12 The Village 2033-2034 Theme: Home
  • Book 13 Cologne 2034 Theme: Legacy
  • Book 14 Dress for the Ball 2034 Theme: Anticipation
  • Book 15 Mountain Mansion 2034 Theme: Fate
  • Book 16 Investigate 2034 Theme: Investigate
  • Book 17 Stasis 2034 Theme: Stasis
  • Book 18 Realize 2034 Theme: Realize
  • Book 19 Impact 2034 Theme: Impact
  • Book 20 Key Tracks 2034 Theme: On track
  • Book 21 Hub 2031 Theme: Hubs and connections
  • Book 22 Camp 2034 Theme: Belong
  • Book 23 Plan 2034 Theme: Plan
  • Book 24 Finally 2035 Theme: Finally
  • Book 25 Longfellow’s Journal Year 2028 to 2031 Theme: Personal Journey
  • Book 26 Conversation Station


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