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Firebrand Vol 16- Conversation Station

Firebrand Vol 16- Conversation Station

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What is a CONVERSATION STATION Leader guide book? 

The Conversation Station is the final book in the series.  If you are a teacher, you may use these as inspiration for lesson plans.  If you are a homeschool parent, then you may use these to enhance soft social skills, such as how to have conversations.  If you are simply looking for a way to connect with your local community, you may use this book to lead activities which would encourage bonding amongst the group.  This guide book will share vocabulary, activities, discussion topics, and many more suggestions.  You may enjoy the adventures without this book. Likewise, you may use only this book to start conversations about the topics raised in the story.  The book was designed to be used as a companion, yet it may also be used by itself to assist in sparking conversations. 

Whatever you decide... enjoy the spark of conversation. 

What is FIREBRAND about?  

Firestorms occur when Firebrands unite and forge history. Firebrands were the ancestors of Courtly City descendants Jack Courtly, ruler of Courtly City, his wife, Queenie of AromaX, and conflicts among AnCors, Anti-Corporatists, as well as the Earth Farmers. This saga unfolds their struggles and victories which reverberate throughout 200 years into the future of Courtly City. Who will heed the warnings?

Both Polly, and Irish immigrant, and Jane, a well bred British noblewoman who fell on hard times, explore the American Wilderness when the Colonies were just forming.  When Jane found  herself unexpectedly reduced in income after her inheritance is given to a distant male relative, she realizes she must become a pioneer, solve a crime, and help establish a burgeoning set of Colonies yearning to be an independent country. Enjoy all the books in this series! 

How do I use FIREBRAND series with a group?

This series takes place in the 1770's. American History is enhanced with a fictional adventure.  Each book has a "Did You Know" section, which can be used for discussion topics. The last book, "Conversation Station" , contains suggested group activities and discussion topics to allow you to have an in-person or video-conference call with a group of people.  The group leader may set the pace of the series. Share activities, discussions and spark conversation about topics raised in each book. 

  • 10 week Quarter: EDGES 
  • 16 week Semester: FIREBRAND
  • 26 week Academic Year: GONE

FIREBRAND series titles

  • Firebrand Vol 1- Heed Warnings
  • Firebrand Vol 2- Perseverance
  • Firebrand Vol 3- Encounters
  • Firebrand Vol 4- Seeking_Truth
  • Firebrand Vol 5- Anticipation
  • Firebrand Vol 6- Seek_and_Find
  • Firebrand Vol 7- Secrets
  • Firebrand Vol 8-Outrage
  • Firebrand Vol 9- Onward
  • Firebrand Vol 10-Suspicion
  • Firebrand Vol 11- Wicked_Schemes
  • Firebrand Vol 12- Confrontation
  • Firebrand Vol 13- Deliverance
  • Firebrand Vol 14- Wisdom
  • Firebrand Vol 15- Holidays
  • Firebrand Vol 16-Conversation Station

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