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EDGES Book 10- Conversation Station

EDGES Book 10- Conversation Station

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EDGES is the nine part classic action adventure series appropriate for all ages.  Book 10 is the Conversation station which helps spark conversations. 

EDGES is set in the 2030's when future cities have been sold and are governed by corporations.  Sarah Paradise, teacher, unexpectedly finds herself running for her life...and into the arms of rugged investigative reporter Bjorn Esterday. Does Sarah's heart pound from the adventure, the attraction to Bjorn, or the driving passion to find the truth about a murder in Courtly City.?

This is book 10 of 10.

This Conversation Station guide can be used by yourself or as a way to spark conversations with others. You may do this even if they have not yet read the storyline, you may discuss the topics and issues raised in the plot. 


 International Winner of Mom's Choice Award

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